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Goddess Gathering November 7th Recap and Homework

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Thank you so much for attending our second, first :) Goddess Gathering. If you're here, Welcome to Niyah's Grotto of the Divine Feminine where my intention is to remind the Sacred Womb Holders of the Divine connection through a journey of self awareness, self love, and spiritual practice.

If you're here prior to the session, Great! I have created a workbook to go with our first session. Feel free to print it out for use when you attend or afterwards to complete your homework. (Oh yes, there will be homework)

Thank you again for joining this journey. I'm very excited to partner with you along the way. Feel free to ask any questions you have about the content on these recap blogs. If it's of a personal nature, or you simply would like some one on one time, please send me an email at I'll coordinate a date and time so you can book direclty on my site. This is a benefit for Grotto members at no additional charge. You receive 1 free 15 minute consultation each month.

Please note the 15 minute session is not a reading.

Also if there are related services that may assist along the journey that you'd like to take advantage of, I will post the coupon code here after the session so that you can take advantage of the special pricing for Grotto members only.

Journey to Self Part 1 Workbook
Download PDF • 158KB

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