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October Goddess Gathering| Self Love Altar

Hello Beautiful. During our gathering I suggested that your entrance into altar work should begin with yourself. Not everybody may be ready to tap into ancestor veneration. However, we should all be on a journey to self love. It's with that in mind that I fell like a self love altar would be a great starting point. It doesn't have to be extravagant. It just has to be authentic to you and your energy. What are altars? Think of altars as a focal point for energy. Depending on what your intentions are what kind of energy is drawn to that point or radiates from that point. It's a way to draw attention. Altars also serve as a way for us to connect to Creation (and thus the Creator) via the elements of earth, air, fire, water and (depending on your altar) spirit. You, yourself, your body is an altar. It encompasses all of the elements right there within you. Take care of your altar :) What should I include from a basic standpoint? From just altar 101, the elements.

  • Fire - This one is one of the easier ones. A candle. The candle color would depend on you and the purpose. For a Self Love altar I would encourage you to use Pink, White, Or Red (see Self Love Jar)

  • Water - This is also pretty easy. A glass or bowl or water will suffice.

  • Air - You can show this with things that are airy in nature like incense (which can also be fire) or a feather.

  • Earth - There are so many ways to incorporate Earth: sand, flowers, crystals, plants, etc.

  • If you want to include Spirit you can do this by using something that feels spiritual to you. This can be a crystal, cross, star of david, pentagram, a Koran, etc.

For Self Love, what can I put on my altar? What makes you feel good? What makes you think of yourself and love. These can be pictures of yourself, books, quotes, trophies (If your parents have a cabinet or something with all of your trophies and other accolades...that's an altar to you and your excellence; as well as their tribute to being a parent.) Where should I put my altar? Again depends on purpose and you. For parents you may want to put it in your bedroom (like mine) or in your bathroom. Bathrooms are good because you are looking at yourself in the mirror while all this LOVE energy is right there. I just would position it close to the door as opposed to certain porcelain objects. LOL Well... that's about it. I personally LOVE doing self love rituals. I hope that you not only have fun but feel yourself falling in love with your self more. It's not the objects. Like I said the magic behind the ritual is the intention and energy that you are expending to make this tribute to yourself. Be sure to comment below how you liked putting it together.

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