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From Complete me to Compliment Me| Relationship Thoughts

Chances are good that I am still in a good place from doing my first group, distance Reiki session last night. It's almost 8am EST here in GA. It's raining. I stood out there for a minute. When I came back in I saw a Facebook post someone shared. It was a video where this man was discussing masculine and feminine energy (still boxed in with gender) and how the man and woman have to come together to create God.

Now I do appreciate where he was trying to go and his intention in the commentary. You can tell he's on a conscious journey of some kind and is still pulling the pieces of the puzzle together. Still the notion that God is there only through that union, that's where I respectfully have a difference of opinion.

It's the "You complete me" analogy that has been fed into many of us that were brought up in at last one Abrahamic tradition. The whole "You are my rib" which is beautiful when you remove the context that Eve was less than Adam. He is a whole body. She's simply a piece of him. He's only slightly incomplete without her, but she needs a whole dang body??? How in the world are women ever supposed to feel complete if this is the seed planted in us from a very young age. When we are learning our values and such, this is like one of the first "love stories" we are told. Wow! Never even thought of it that way until now.

And thus it is the horrifically, strung together, anthology that causes us to not acknowledge the beginning of that particular creation story. "God created man AND woman, HE and SHE, in OUR (non-binary, gender neutral) image". Now, before someone says it I also know that Our was referring to a collective but that's a conversation for another day. Still... Both. Not from pieces. Whole. Complete. Yet, what the colonizers than did is removed that story completely, plopped in another one, and any mention of the previous woman is related to her being some evil creation. She. Was. Complete. In her completeness she was fully aware of her Oneness with Source, since that is how they (we) were created. She knew she was EQUAL to her mate and thus a compliment to him.

A compliment. See you can subjugate someone that knows they are equal to you and complimentary. You must have them believe that they are less than you in every way.

For me personally, and my own relationship with the Most High, She is I and I am her. Just like She is my sons and They are Him. (See what I did there.) Each of us, living, breathing, embodiments of Source energy. Science even confirms, one energy simply moving, shaping, vibrating and different places and thus experienced differently.

So if that's the case, you are simply two Gods coming together. It also means that is the case regardless of gender. Why? The masculine and feminine energy within all things is present in all things. How it expresses may vary, but they are both ever present. It is when you find that harmony within yourself that you attract someone that compliments you. Otherwise you will emit energy that says you need to be completed, when you are already complete.

It's wild to me how, we as black women, can just accept being less than whole. Being less than glorious. Being less than God. The "Eve gene", the gene that birthed humanity, the Source of humanity, is carried within BLACK WOMEN. Yet if I commented on one of your posts where you said "God is good" and I said "Yes, SHE IS," You would have a total fit. It doesn't even matter whether you articulate it or not. I know you would be losing your absolute mind. For you, at minimum, God is male. For some of you God is a white male. I just want you to consider how absolutely ludicrous that sounds.

All of human existence was birthed through Black women. Nurtured through Black women. Everyone gets their swag from Black women (because you're born with it). Yet, the idea God could even be a Black Woman befuddles you. You find it evil. I challenge you to consider your feelings on Black Women if you can't tell God is walking in all of them.

I address women because it is much easier for men to connect to God as them because colonization boxed The Most High into a male pronoun. So of course, men become conscious and can thus see themselves in the Source. Still, can you see the Source in your Sista. The whole of all existence as birthed into being. Can you not see that in Her?

So as you men are God in human form, She is Goddess in human form. They are God in human form. We are God in human form. Trees are God in tree form. Etc. We are all having various layers of experiences. For us humans, that remembering our inherent oneness within ourself lets us move in oneness with everyone else. All unique and still all the same.

When we come into relationships then, we don't need completing. We lack nothing. There are simply aspects of us we can not see. Some are good, some seemingly bad, some lurking in our shadow, some standing in the light, all are reflected in our connections. If you keep smelling pee in the dating pool, hydrate more. The pee is yours. You shouldn't smell it rancid like that. Some of you, I see you, still moving the same, thus still attracting the same. Some want to look conscious so they attract conscious people and it doesn't work out because, you aren't as conscious as you portray.

It takes inner work and illumination to attract your compliment. It takes learning who you are, because you may never know yourself in totality, much like we can't ever know God in totality. Still, it is the journey, the learning why you are here, the understanding yourself, the shadow work, and the like, that puts you in the vibration of someone attracting complimentary energy.

Ok, so last point because I have to get ready for Sacred Soulful Saturday, but this thought came just now. Look at the content you take in and share. Then look at your past relationships. How much of the energy of that content do you see in those relationships. Not sure who that is for.

Inspired action. Look at all the ways you are complete. No putting on a show. Simply just being who you are. Revel in that energy.

Have a beautiful day. If you are joining me later. I'll see you soon.

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