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Closer to God| Thoughts of a Newborn Iya

I can’t share specifics, but what I can say is I had a beautiful experience. Things I learned about myself I’m still processing. What my thoughts were around experiencing God and why it is so profoundly unique to you. There was this peace that came to me, though ever present within me (like my actual middle name), that came through Ifa. As an Israelite there was a feeling of pride at being chosen. However, I still lacked true connection. Oh I believed in God. This now is different. To see Source at work in every things is so beautiful. And God in totality is unknowable. You don’t even truly know Jesus. Your understanding and my inner standing are so different and I STILL don’t “know”. But I digress. I thought about why the dismissal of so many traditions by others. Like there is only 1 possible way to build a relationship with the Infinite Source of All. Like it’s not possible that in that perfect over standing of All, the Most High said, “I’m going to not only ensure this is all here, which is all a part of Me, I’ll also ensure that there are aspects of me to support every possible culture, belief, or non-belief. How people then process becomes unique to their individual human experience. The person that says I don’t believe in any external force imposing Their will on me is also honoring their Divine energy with themselves and EVERYONE. Just not in the same language and THAT is ok. That is their journey. Some are meant to be Christian, like that is the journey their soul chose just like other chose to be Buddhist. There is no right or wrong in how you meet God. Some, like me, are spiritually eclectic. Merging their conscious inner standing in a way that is unique to them.

Why Ifa? Iwa Pele, good character. Just be a good freaking person. At the time in my life where I was truly discovering ATR I wanted to be a good person that sees God in her life and with her. Being an Israelite laid a foundation. Astrology, numerology, tarot, magic, and Ifa have been building this beautiful personal temple in me. Ifa reminds me I have purpose no matter how seemingly small or big. I have an impact my journey will make. Everything I see in nature is also in me. Each has a role. Some more present outwardly but all there. These last few days I have been awkward, gentle, cheesy, intelligent, geek, vulnerable, nurturing, love and so much more. Huge kid energy. Yet, it was what it was and in that my light was seen and embraced. I don’t like leaving my sons. I knew I had to do this though. Since then I just keep receiving. It was happening before but it’s a bit different now. There’s so much I want to share and do. Many things I need to learn, not only in Ifa, but my tapestry of ancestry all needs me to hold space for them in my practice. However there is now sleep awaiting me. Final thought. Just be a good person, be kind to yourself and others, respect you all see God through different lenses, and always follow your true North. Take care. ~Daniyah Iya Daniyah Fa Omi Chango

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