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Class Is In Session| Coming Soon

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. What better way to come back to it then to provide a sneak peek into what’s coming soon to the Garden.

When I was a little girl, I liked movies like “The Worst Witch” and “Teen Witch”. I enjoyed shows like “Sabrina”, “Bewitched”, and “I Dream of Genie”. I loved playing school and being a doctor.

When “Harry Potter” hit the scene, I was super excited. A school!!! A witch school! Awesome!

Not quite Hogwarts, but The Melanated Academy (shortened name) is an amazing work!

I’ve been working on putting together some of the things that I’ve taught individually, into structured, self-led, course work that anyone can access.

There will be a private group hosted here for students to interact with one another, creating a community of like-minded souls simply trying to navigate their way on their own journeys, while also fulfilling the desire to have someone to talk to about what they are learning.

There is no requirement to be involved in any particular practice, religion, faith, or spiritual science. What is required is:

· Respect of the multitude of ways the Divine can manifest in the life of individuals

· A deep desire to want to do the work, so you can feel your own inner light shining

· Faith in yourself.

Why Melanated? As a Black Woman, I know firsthand what it feels like to discover that everything about your ancient ancestors was demonized. I understand the confusion and what it feels like to reconcile what you were told growing up with what you are coming to know/believe as you’ve gotten older. It can be difficult.

My intention is for black and brown people to become reacquainted with their divine selves. I am going to illuminate the Divinity we all carry and then hand the torch to you, so you can determine how to shine that light within yourself.

Does this mean no one else can attend? Absolutely not. If you feel the call. Answer it. I am open to the infinite possibilities that this can grow and unfold.

How old do I have to be? There is no age limit. If a parent realizes their child is going through an awakening and simply isn’t sure how to guide them, this is a great option. My teaching style is simplifying the complex. At this stage, the courses are for beginners on the journey.

You are also never too old. Time is a construct anyway. Age is simply a definition of how long you’ve been here in this lifetime. It does not define anything else. Everything else that comes with age is simply a mental projection based on what society has told you. Anyone can learn something new.

I already have course outlines set up and I’m actively working on the recordings.

Payment options will be flexible. I want this accessible to as many people as The Most High wants me to.

I’m super excited to unveil this in the coming weeks.

If you, or someone you know, may be interested in attending, please send me an email at When the early bird registration begins, I’ll make sure you get first dibs on the discounted rate before regular price kicks in.

Please comment down below what topics do you hope I’ll cover in one of my courses.

Thanks again for the support of my blog. I have more content coming soon.

Make sure that you are following my social media (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube) @NiyahShalom.

Podcast episodes will be resuming in August so make sure you are subscribed where you listen to podcasts Niyahs Divine Garden

If you are interested in supporting me, you can send donations to $NiyahsGardenLLC on cash app or monthly via my Eating Artist subscription for only $3.33 a month. Plus, you’ll get access to poems and stories that I don’t usually share anywhere else.

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