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Black Wombman Remember Who You Are

It's a little before 8 in the morning right now but this has been on my mind for a minute. Initially I thought it would be a poem, that may still happen. This morning I thought it would be a video, but I think I'm too passionate to speak and stay "present". So blog it is.

I have been listening, observing, and watching. Last night a phrase triggered me so deeply that I'm sure the rumbling sensation in my being was the voice of all my ancestral mothers.

Before I begin let me handle a few disclaimers and whatnot:

  • I love black men.

  • I love people.

  • I have nothing against Christianity at all. If that's your bag do you boo. Yeshua and I are on really good terms and I myself am not Christian.

  • This is simply my opinion. Take what resonates. Leave the rest, even if it's all of it.

Ok now that I've gotten that out of the way. I was listening to a video and the first thing that struck me was how this man, yes it was a brotha, indicated that we (Black Women) should be looking for God in them as if WE were not directly connected to Source. He then indicated how we should be able to just do what he says without question.

Then to follow up that I was listening to someone else describe us (Wombholders) as the "weaker vessel". Well... that was the icing on the proverbial cake.

Let's talk about who we are. Black Wombmen, we are:

  • The originator, the source, the carriers of the blueprint. We, regardless of who the man is, can birth a child of any complexion. We can birth the most albino being to the deepest, most nebulously glorious black offspring. THAT is by design.

  • Well WHO designed us that way? 3 guesses ;)

  • The amount of pain that is associated with giving birth is like breaking multiple bones in our body, and yet here we are continuing to be fruitful and multiply. No offense men but it has been scientifically proven, that ain't your bag.

  • Let me tell you some little known information. I'm going to use Yoruba because quite a few of us have Nigerian ancestry. This research was done by my Iyalode's Baba who was studying the Divine Feminine in Ifa.

    • Let's say there was an issue in the village. There was a group that would discuss this. A council. This council was comprised of men AND wombholders. A collaboration. A, partnership. A harmonious balance of energies present.

    • Let's keep going. Let's say there was an issue and a man was said to be abusive to a wombman. Ok... the men were given a chance to rectify the situation. If they did not do so in a suitable fashion, guess WHO was in charge of resolving the situation. You guessed it. The elder mothers of the village.

    • See there wasn't this beef with wombmen being strong and powerful beings because at home our men KNEW who we were. They Overstood the connection we had to Source. It wasn't that they didn't, but they understood that we inherently carried the secrets because we held a womb. It is the place on Earth where Soul and Physical meet. It is the birth place of INFINITE POTENTIAL. It's a literal portal, a gateway, between heaven and Earth. Our men knew this and thus the level of reverence, adoration, and appreciation was prevalent pre-colonization.

    • Colonizers did not hold their wombmen in the same regard and thus had to negate that almost immediately.

    • When there were issues with how things were going down, it was the wombmen standing up to say this will not continue.

    • We had to be stopped and crushed. Thus labeling us evil, witches (in a derogatory sense), and the like was done. A wedge being planted between black wombmen and men.

  • There may have been men as the face of the Civil Rights movement, but our ancestors, our elder wombmen were the heart and soul moving it.

I'm going to just ask you for a moment to put aside all beliefs and come from a place of logic. I say this confidently because my faith is actually very balanced with my logic.

So much of how black couples define what should and shouldn't be in their relationship dynamic comes from The Bible. I have no beef with the Bible as a whole. However, it is an anthology. This is fact. It is a collection of stories written by MEN. Not even the same man wrote one from the next. Couple that with the mistranslation of the book by men that look like the very men that captured, enslaved, beat, abused, raped, and murdered our people... I would say any logical person would call to question whether it should or should not be the resounding decision maker for anyone of color. Again, there is plenty good about The Bible but it is still the book of our captors and thus discernment should always be at work when deciding what to incorporate into your belief system.

And that's the point. See you want to believe that pre-slavery your ancestors didn't know God. That they had no idea who the Creator was even though we are the blueprint of human creation. Please pause here. Take a deep breath. Drink some water, And acknowledge how idiotic that sounds.

What is nature? Creation. That's what it is. In fact... everything you see in front of you right now is Creation. Thus the fact that our ancestors were able to work with nature, i.e. Creation, didn't make you wonder just how close they were to the Creator. Yeshua tried to remind you of this. That you don't need a building or anything else. You don't need a Guru. You too... look at yourself. You are an aspect of Creation. And since everything in Creation is of the Creator. YOU ARE AN INDIVIDUALIZED ASPECT OF GOD.

Pause. Take a breath. Drink some water. Feel it. Look at yourself in the mirror and not see that The Most High decided that part of He/r essence should be YOU.

Energy is neither created, nor destroyed, simply changing form. The speed/vibration determines how solid or not solid it is. If everything originates from the same Source; i.e. God/dess, Most High, Creator, etc., then that means everyone is of 1 energy. Everyone and EVERYTHING is all from Source.

Not only are we of Source but as wombholders we are the gateway to SOURCE. See colonizers weren't stupid. It was with cunning and malice they had to cut us off from that fact. And it is a fact. We give souls bodies. That is what we do. If you believe we have a soul/spirit/essence that is non-physical, and it comes from someplace else (i.e. Heaven/God/Source) and enters a human body. Who is creating that body in their body? And how do you get someplace. You enter through a doorway/a portal. Where is the doorway? In WOMBMEN.

This is not to say there should not be an ebb and flow in our relationship dynamics. Quite the contrary. As mentioned above, we worked TOGETHER. Unified. Not, "I'm in charge blah blah blah". There was honor and respect for EACH OTHER. And the fact was at the end of the day if the men didn't get it done it was the BLACK WOMBMEN that resolved it. Final say. Full stop. Why?

God created us, man and woman, he and she, in OUR image. I won't challenge you on the our part today. :) In either case we were created carrying the energy of Source who is neither man nor wombman but a balance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine coming together. In order for us to create, whether within ourselves since we carry both, or with each other, perpetual balance and harmony of both energies must be at play. Whenever there is an imbalance in those energies there is disharmony and chaos.

Divine Feminine - boundless, infinite potential, the idea, the notion, the intuitive nudge, stillness

Divine Masculine - structured, formed, grounded, action, motion, direction

We must have the potential, the idea first. Then we take the action, Then the thing is birthed. That is Creation. We do individually and in unity as a couple.

Our intuition is the voice of God within us. Our Higher Self/Soul/Spirit is the part of us that is with God. It is that aspect of us that wants to guide us to our destiny. Your intuition is your Divine Feminine energy. The Masculine aspect of you is what makes you take action on the intuition. One is of Spirit and one is rooted in the physical. The two come together to bring life into the world.

My sisters, at no point in our existence have we EVER been the "weaker vessel". We are emotionally and spiritually strong where our counterparts our physical strong. Both are the same level and neither is supreme. If you are still moving as if you are the "weaker" vessel please stop. When you come into union it is a partnership, a joining, a merging. Yes there are things that men tend to lend themselves to, just as with wombmen. We are the emotion, the nurturing, the heartbeat. The Heart is the center of EVERYTHING. Men are the structure where we are formless. They are the boundary, where we are limitless. Really think about that. Think about how much we have begun to mimic the habits of the ones that enslaved our ancestors.

Ok I'm off my soap box. I just wanted to really challenge you to just stop. I'm not telling you to not believe what you believe. I am asking you to question though, should your life be based upon what slave owners taught your ancestors.

I love you my people. I love you all. I pray that one day our men are awakened to their greatness and remember that their greatness was born through us. We must come together. Not in the couple sense per se but in the sense that we are one.

Happy Black History Month.

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