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Are You Using Furniture as a Spiritual Grid??

So, I was in my kids playroom/kid cave wiping crayon off the television when this thought came to me.

Initially, I was thinking about myself and things I do now that have spiritual significance, that I've been doing since I was a kid. Specifically, I was thinking about moving furniture.

Now, you may be thinking, "Since you were a kid you've been moving furniture? And why is that spiritual?"

To answer the first question, yes. I have been moving furniture since I was a kid. It was nothing for me to be in my room and be pulling my bed and dresser around the room. We had real wood furniture too. I look back like, "Girl! You were strong as heck. LOL" I would just get this feeling like things need to be moved. No trigger. Just a real random, or seemingly random, nudge to move things around. I had no plan. I would just clean and move.

To this day I still do this, just on a larger scale sometimes. When I move the furniture I don't dislike where it is in the moment. I simple feel like it needs moving so I do. What I am conscsiously aware of now is how the space feels after I do so. It feels different. It may feel lighter or more relaxing. There is simply a difference in the energy of the space.

Spiritual relates to the intangible realm. So thoughts, feelings, energy and emotions are all intangible. We can do things in tangible/physical realm to evoke, influence, act on, etc. those things. The thing itself is not tangible and thus is part of our spiritual experience.

Consider that piece of furniture or decor that you absolutely had to have. You don't know why. You saw it and it was instant. Those impulse buys. You get it home and immediately know where it belongs.

I'm confident at least once you've moved a piece of furniture and if someone asked you why, you didn't know. You simply knew you had to move it.

Even those days or times of the year where you need a super clean home.

What I was thinking this morning was that we may be gridding using furniture. Well what does that mean. Let's break it down. A grid is a framework. It consists of lines that make geometric shapes like squares and rectangles.

Spiritual grids, like crystals for instance, have a specific area of our life that the grid impacts. They are meant to hold a specific energy within that framework. Like the ley lines on Earth. You go to certain places and no matter who it is, that place evokes certain emotions and experiences. That place has an energetic framework.

So does our home. My thought, in these last couple years, has been that when I move my furniture around there is a shift in the energy that needs to happen. When I get this really strong desire to clean, because I don't like to lol, I know I am cleaning not just the physical. I know there is some energy that needs to be cleaned as well.

In the position of the furniture, each piece is like a crystal on a grid. Everything is energy, including or furniture and decorations. Thus when placed in certain positions those energies are working together to create an energy in that space.

You know you do it even if you don't know it from a spiritual perspective. What do you want your bedroom to feel like? What do you want your living room to feel like? Your workspace? You're already aware that a certain layout has an energy about it. You have set a framework for that energy by the choices you make in color, textures, smells, etc.

When you move it around, you are resetting that framework.

Feng Sui is all about the framework of the home and the energy it holds based on location. Even if you aren't using Feng Sui concepts specifically, that is exactly what you are doing when you say this piece needs to go here because it creates flow.

My encouragement to you is, don't fight those feelings. If you feel like you need to move things, move them. Wanna clean? Clean. You don't have to consciously be aware that you are having both a physical and spiritual experience for it to be so. Your soul/spirit is still there and thus still guiding you on your journey whether you are intentionally listening or not.

Paying attention to how your home feels, well that's simply a practically spiritual way to stay energetically protected, uplifted, and fulfilled.

Let me know your thoughts. I thoughts this was a cool download to get this morning.

If you are not following me on social media, I hope you will consider doing so. I'm on most platforms as NiyahShalom.

Thanks again for reading and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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