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A Thought Before Bed| I align with ease

A thought before bed. Do Miracles really happen?

I was having this conversation with someone and I said, it's not that miracles stopped. It's that people became programed to believe that if it's not associated with hard work, exhaustion, trauma, stress, or anything that made it not easy; it can't possibly be good.

I challenge you to reject the thinking that there is only ONE way to earn a blessing and that's behind HARD.

I keep wondering why you feel like your blessing can't be easy.

I keep wondering why you feel like your blessing can't just be a miracle.

Why can't you be walking down the street and be randomly discovered?

Why can't that 1 post go viral and change your life forever?

Why can't that random check show up that pays all your bills?

Why do you feel like you aren't worthy of a miracle?

Why don't you want a miracle?

Why do you keep limiting the ways in which the Creator blesses you?

Every time you say, if it ain't hard I don't want it... God obliges you.

Every time you say "team no sleep" is the only way to success .. God obliges you.

Every time you say... because you are made in the likeness of the Creator. That means you are co-creating your life using the power of your Word.

You remember that everything begins with a thought, idea, a word.

So every time you say this is what my reality is, God is obliging you.

So why not say... All my blessings come with ease.

I am open to receive in a multitude of ways.

I am open to floating on the winds of change that are for my greatest good.

I am open to a lifetime that is me living my greatness without losing sleep at night, without missing birthdays, without missing out on joy and fun. My prosperity is aligned to all the blessings and that includes...EASE.

My ancestors paved the way through the hard so that I can change the game and make sure that my lineage is aligned with ease.

Do you see yourself worthy of ease? God does. You are the one calling in the hard, not God.

You think God can't make it easy for you.

The Divine Father/Mother simply listens, and obliges.

And yeah some things our soul said we gotta go through, but the beautiful thing is we can rewrite our story and say, I don't have to learn that lesson that way. Let me learn it another way. A way that doesn't have to be heartbreak and wounds. Let me learn through love, laughter, and victories.

I have spent all the time I intend to spend in this particular timeline... doing hard.... I'm doing what I can to shift to ease.

Be easy loves.

Have a beautiful evening.

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