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A Message from Ifa| Ogunda Irosun

Alaafia! It’s my first blog of 2024.  What better way to kick the year off than with a message from Ifa.


Before I get into the Odu I want to share that this morning I felt like I needed to teach about or talk about Ancestor Veneration and Grief. How the act of honoring, venerating our Ancestors can help with the healing process when a loved one has transitioned. 

This is the week of my first born son’s birthday (19th) and the day he transitioned (the same day). I tend to be sensitive this week and this year has been interesting in how that is manifesting.

Today is Ose Ola or Ose Ifa and it is a veneration day that includes our Egungun. This morning friends came through. I have been thinking of saying their names but just hadn’t. This morning I did. And I cried.

Today (January 16, 2024) I will go live and simply talk about what Ancestor veneration is and how it continues to help with my own healing journey.  I will be Live on TikTok and hopefully YouTube and Facebook as well.  Be sure to check me out.


Here’s my linktree with all my socials –


Ok so as you can see the ancestors/Egun were on my spirit this morning.


When I asked Ifa what Holy Odu I could teach from today, Ogunda Irosun is who came forward.

Ogunda – references a removal of obstacles. This can be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. An obstacle is anything stopping progress, preventing us from moving forward. 

Irosun – reference to our ancestral potential. It is the effective use of our ancestral gifts and talents that allows us to move forward in aligning to our destiny.


So we have a removal of obstacles that is allowing us to further our journey in aligning to our destiny. Removal of obstacles allows us to reconnect with our lineage and support our legacy.


We stand strong on the shoulders of our ancestors, yet so many of us no longer know the blessing of venerating and honoring those that came before us. We are shackled to thoughts and ideas that plague our community. Ideas that make us feel like our Egun are Evil.


(Ancestors Speaking) We are not evil. It is what they tell us, They want you to forget. But it is your work in removing the oppressive tactics, dogma, and traditions of the colonizers that allows for your faith in your lineage to strengthen. It is the faith in your Egun that strengthens you and the community,

Irosun is also a reference to menstrual blood, the woman hood. So it is also a removal of obstacles that allows for the embrace of the feminine. Bringing about a change in the collective that promotes healing. That promotes growth. That promotes stability, balance, and harmony.


The alignment with your destiny brings Ire. Good fortune.


There is a story, a sheep is being plagued with curses and She is wondering how she can move forward. She is told to offer Ebo (Ebo is an offering/sacrifice). She complies with the Ebo.  Then she begins to see the shifts happen in her life.

Blessings of spouse, home, children, good health, and wealth all begin to come to her.


In our society, most especially the Black Diaspora, you hear the word sheep being used to describe followers. And the sheep are often being led to their demise in some respects. Part of this Odu speaks that it is not simply a tangible offering but a change in behavior that brings about the sweetness in ones life. So instead of the Sheep following the masses, she goes another way and that is the way that leads to her blessings.


This Odu also speaks of:

·         Problems at work, but a good attitude and perseverance will help you come out victorious.

·         Speaks of conquering enemies – This could be literal or metaphysical.

·         Pushing away negativity, loss, lack, and illness

·         Abundance

·         Long Life

·         Restoring financial wealth

·         All forms of good fortune



  • A single man can save his people.

    • There is a ripple effect that happens when one person in the family is honoring their ancestors, is giving offerings, is venerating their Ori. The energy vibrates from that single point outward. For those meant to benefit from the Ire, they too will begin making changes in their life that removes obstacles to aligning with their destiny.

  • A tree is honored for its complicated shape.

    • Each of our own personal family trees has many branches, bends, and curves. Honoring the depth of our roots and the unique way it has continued to grow is part of the veneration process.

    • There may be people that sucked as humans but are meant to be amazing Egun supporting your journey. Consider how and who you are including in your veneration and elevation rituals.

    • There is also standing out vs following the crowd. It’s not honored for looking like all the other trees, it is honored for how it looks different from the others.

Numerology Note - 2024 may be an 8 year for the collective, but January is a 9 month. This is a clearing away of things that can not be taken with you as you begin new journeys in February. What needs removing? What can't you take with you on this net leg of your journey?


Inspired Action

  • For those that resonated with this message, what behavior can you shift today that has been an obstacle to you aligning with your destiny

  • Do you need to give an offering? Consult your spiritual team for what and who.

    • If you are part of my Spiritual community, feel free to reach out to me regarding the Ebo that came up.

  • Give honor to your ancestors.


Thank you so much for following my blog!


Be sure to check out upcoming Temple events on the Events Page Here.

Looking to learn more about Ifa but not necessarily become one of my godchildren, feel free to become a member of the Temple CommunityLearn more about the temple here

If you would like to make donations to the community – You can find options here. I am grateful for the energy exchange.


Modupe O to Ifa, Esu, Ori, and our Egun!


Iyanifa Daniyah Fa Omi Shango

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