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5am Thoughts

I did a video on Ofo Asé (The Power of the Word)How the use of that gift, that power is what creates your world, brings about blessings and "curses". So I'm thinking about how we speak about and over our children. What are we inviting into their reality? When we pray for their protection, does that include from our inappropriate use of our words at them?

What are some things that are so commonly said about kids that we could better verbalize to support their growth and self view?

👩‍🦳 Instead saying children LOOK old... Why not their soul is old and has much wisdom to teach me 🙏🏾

👀That child is nosey.... (Child's name) is really observant

💪🏾They are bossy... (Child's name) has some strong leadership skills. I am going to support them in cultivating healthy followership.

🤑 My child is going know what hustle and hard work looks like... I ease over my child and pray their life is abundant with balance.

I'm working on being better about how I speak about and over my suns. We do affirmations together when they are open to it. Sometimes they aren't. If they say "Don't cry" or "Don't be sad", I tell them it's OK to cry and be sad. Their NO may but always be able to be honored but it will always be heard. See some of us can't say no because we were never allowed to. My home will honor their personal sovereignty. They may still have to clean or whatever. I acknowledge I heard their No though.

Emote... this one is challenging because some behavior has to be handled differently and safely. Be mad though. I am getting more patient. It's hard. But I'm the emotionally intelligent adult. I have to read that situation. It's he simply mad or is there something else. I gotta figure that out. I've done that fuss and yell. Didn't work and basically taught them another way to not emote in a healthier manner. So I'm working on me so that they are more in alignment. Fun fact... sometimes they get when they need a cool head 🙏🏾💫

Even kids need time to not be social. Also challenging with two kids on the spectrum learning how to be social. I have to remember they need to manage their energy too. There needs to be balance.

Is my home safe for their non compliance? 🙏🏾 I'm grateful that if I take my suns to ABA or speech they are spoken so highly of. When they get home though, allllll the stuff they don't do in public needs release. 😒 Not easy. Again learning patience. I just want home to always feel safe for their full self.

I won't be all right. They may have some shadow work related to me at some point. I pray that my intention and action come close to aligned manifestation for their highest good.

Remembering they too are Divinely Humans and Gloriously Gods.. They chose to do life with me as their mom again. Truly an honor and blessing 🙌🏾

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