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The Devotee

Tonight I wanted to play a game with you. I have wanted to fully submit to you for a minute but tonight…it's going down. Better yet, I'm going down. I asked you to get dressed up. Like formal attire before I came by. I knock on the door of the hotel room and then turn my back. When you open the door I turn around and your mouth kind of hangs open. In front of you stands your goddess with a black trench coat on, a jeweled collar around her neck with a chain hanging down her torso. She's dressed in a white dress. Her perfect breasts are lifted nicely at the top. Her hips perfectly accentuated by the dress's silhouette. "Love…I…." you're still a bit stuck. I gracefully curtsy in front of you while holding up my chain. "Sir, I am here to serve thee. Please sir, take me to your chambers so that I may pay tribute." The grin that comes across your face lets me know you are turned on and intrigued. You grab the chain and then turn around "This way devotee" You lead me into the room. You've lit candles and incense. You have your personal slow jams mix playing quietly in the background. We arrive at the bed and you sit down, still holding on to the chain hanging from my neck. "Why are you still dressed," your voice stern and low. I quickly begin to take off my clothes. "I'm sorry sir." "Wait… do it slower." You are looking me in the eyes. Lust written across your face. Mista is trying to break free from the confines of your pants. I try not to smile at your reaction "Yes sir." My eyes never leave yours as I slowly take off my coat. I allow the dress to fall to the floor leaving me in just my bra. No panties to be found. "Did you drive all the way over here with no panties? You are a naughty girl. I think you need to be punished." "Oh yes sir, please…I have been naughty." You reach behind you to grab a pillow and place it on the floor in front of me. "On your knees my beautiful devotee" "Yes sir" I get down on my knees. All the while you are holding on to my chain. "Your bra. Remove it" I take off my bra then drop it on the floor. "Mista is still in my pants. Why haven't you freed him?" Swiftly, in almost one motion, I undo your pants and pulled your dick from it's cage. It bounces up to attention as I stare at you. Though not looking at it directly, every vein is within my vision. Each one calling out to be touched, caressed, licked. "Sir…may I," Before I can finish you say "No." The smile on your face says you are up to something. "Please sir." I'm pleading with my eyes now. My mouth wet with anticipation. "YOU are NOT in control. I am" I love the sternness in your voice. "Bring your face here." You gently tug on the chain and I lean my face closer to you. You rub the tip of your dick across my lips. "You keep that tongue of yours in your mouth until I give you permission to let it free." I'm licking my lips as you continue the teasing. I allow one lick to "accidentally" miss my lips and graze your dick. He jerks instinctively. "Who told you that you could put your tongue on my scepter?" I smile. " Please sir. It's been so long. Please let me have some." You smile back and remove the rest of your clothes. You pick my chain back up and gently pull me back closer to you. "You may suck my dick devotee. Make sure you take it all." I smile. "Yes sir." I barely get sir out of my mouth when I grab your head between my lips. I scoot closer to you so that my head and your dick are in perfect alignment. At first I'm slow. Simply licking you from balls to tip. Getting every inch of your dick wet. As I'm licking I'm gently caressing your balls in one hand and stroking your dick between licks with the other. When I'm done teasing you I place one hand on each side of your thighs to help prop me up. Then I take the entire length of your dick in my mouth. Using simply the suction from my lips to hold you in position. "Devotee…,"your voice is raspy and low. I can hear the moans escaping from your lips, "your hands…" I look up from my meal. My eyes locked on to yours as I slowly move my hands to your chest. I gently pinch your nipple and it surprises you. Mista throbs in my throat in appreciation. I watch as you close your eyes. As I bob my head slowly on your dick I pause at the top with each mouth stroke up to say, "Yes sir…" "Is it good sir…""What do you want me to do sir…." Every utterance of sir sends electricity from me to you. I can almost feel when it makes contact with you as you throb and moan. The veins start to twitch and I know it's almost time. I begin to suck even faster. Allowing drool to escape my mouth, coating your dick and balls with wetness. At this point you’ve dropped my chain and you have leaned back a little. One hand holding you up and the other gripping my locs. "That's a good girl. Such a good devotee. Get what's yours.." "Yes sir…" I said with dick in mouth. I focus on your head as I feel my reward make its way up to release. A roar escapes the lips of my king as you begin to cum. Both hands gripping the back of my head as I suck and swallow all of your cum. The force of your orgasm almost knocks me loose but I continue lapping up all that you have to give me without reservation. As your orgasm begins to subside I move away from your scepter and begin to wipe my lips. "Devotee…come here." You grab my chain. Voice still raspy as you pull me close to your face. "Kiss me." I smile and oblige. I kiss you deeply on the lips. Even with having just given you fellatio, you still enjoy making out with me. Honoring my devotion and your body at the same time. "I love you Daniyah" "Oh sir… " I smile … "I love you too" You kiss me again. Mista thumps me and I look down. You tug my chain…"Did you think we were finished? My turn"

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