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His Royal Scepter

Normally he sits there on his throne Stoic and guarded The king keeps him close But today his scepter is alone Unguarded It is what I would expect From a king that is larger than life Quiet in his tone His presence looms over me This scepter is worthy of it's owner The ruler in my kingdom Unexpected though he is He wields his power with discernment I do not take it lightly that this Symbol This staff So ornately adorned Is now here in my hand For a moment I feel in command I feel his power Surging and coursing through his scepter I'm taken a back by the sheer magnitude of it Yet I do not run from it Will he submit to my rule since I have his scepter in my hand Jeweled in ways that were actually surprising Still beautiful I found myself gazing at it in wonder What would I do With all of this power Will I have him bend to my will Or, even with me holding the scepter Am I still to submit to his rule Realizing it and I are his to command

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