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Spirit Guide Art

Welcome to the Garden

Thank you so much for allowing me to support you in your practically spiritual journey.

My mission is to support you in reconnecting with your Divine Self through Self Love and Illumination. 

My Services range from healing to divination, creation, and more. 

Artwork Courtesy of Awo Shosh of The Otherworldly Archive LLC. 

Spirit Guide Drawing - Rendering of my Favorite Self Energy


Looking for confirmation or clarity. Book a reading or full divination

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Get insight into your Grand Design with a numerology profile or Big 4 astrology profile

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You don't have to journey alone. Join my 6-Month Practically Spiritual Journey Program

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Looking for support in clearing your energy field or coming back to center

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I write to divine, illuminate, inspire, encourage, and empower. I also do speaking engagements. 

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Hi There!

I'm Iya Daniyah (Iyanifa Daniyah Fa Omi Sango), the Owner and Spiritual Support within the Garden. Learn More about me and how my journey helps support yours.

For You with Intention

Bespoke - made for a particular customer. I make my oils, herbal baths, or work fixed/dressed candles specifically for the customer that ordered. 

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