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Divine Coaching

I am a Practically Spiritual Coach that helps you illuminate your fullest potential and awaken to your purpose.

I encourage you to take the journey, inspire you to love your self, and empower you to go beyond your limits.

All of my offerings start with the foundation of Self Love, because Self Love is the foundation for EVERYTHING. 

Let me teach you why.


Meet Your Coach

Hi I'm Iya Daniyah, Your Practically Spiritual Coach.

I am passionate about seeing others grow and really embrace their full potential. I get excited when I see people take leaps and really live out their passions. 

I'm also passionate about cultivating a personal spiritual practice. One that isn't simply just what someone tells you to do but honors the fullness of your being. 

I've married these two passions into a style of coaching that is practically spiritual. How practical and how spiritual is unique to the path and individual. 



I help divine humans of color at a crossroads in life remember their divinity. I help them tap into their ancestral lineage in a way that feels true and authentic to their own path. I then encourage them to incorporate that into their life journey in practical ways.


What Areas?

I specialize in various areas including:

  • Life Purpose

  • Happiness

  • Goal Success

  • Cultivating Self Love

  • Beginning a Spiritual Practice

Beautiful Landscape

Individual Coaching Packages will vary based on topic and time you can commit to doing the work.


What Career is most aligned to your energy?

Why mentors matter?

Talents to leverage

Crafting a Resume

Career Altars

Interview Skills

Self Love Awakens Purpose

What is Self Love Really

Why is it important to Start there

Learning more about YOU 

Shadow Work (more you)

Self Love Altar


Cultivating a practically Spiritual Practice

Determine your Why

What is Spirituality

Why make it practical

Who are YOU?

Self Love Altar

Shadow Work

You are Not Alone

Trusting Your Intuition

How to Pray

Ancestor Veneration

Self Care


Pulling it Together in Life

Trusting Your Intuition

You Are Not Alone

What is Intuition

Discerning Intuition

Your Favorite Self Relationship

Building the Trust

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