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We have a Blue Moon this month. I'll be doing a collective candle work to help Illuminate the energy of the Pisces Full Moon. Intentions being set:

  • Good Fortune
  • Prosperity
  • Protection
  • Healing
  • Being grounded in our spiritual practice
  • Embracing Our Creativity
  • Recognizing Divine Inspiration
  • Feeling Safe in Trusting Our Intution
  • Clear and Loving Connection in Dreams
  • Illuminating Our Ancestral Gifts

Note - I am doing a ritual on the 29th. If you would like to participate in the ritual, you'll automatically be included with this candle. You don't have to purchase it separately. The candle is for folks that do not want to attend the ritual and receive the Reiki in real time.

Pisces Blue Moon Candle Intention Collective Candle

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