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Signs & Synchronicities| Your Spiritual Language

Understanding your spiritual language really is a game changer. When God/Goddess/Source/Creator/Most High/etc. is sending you messages, whether direct or via your spiritual court, it's important to know how those messages are going to come to you. This is your spiritual language. It's the way that you understand or get confirmation.

Confirmation can reveal itself as a sign and/or synchronicity. Well what is a sign? In short, it's something that catches your eye and you immediately know what it means (or know you need to consider it's meaning). Example would be seeing feathers. Feathers are often correlated with angels and are a sign that you are not alone.

Synchronicity is a type of sign that aligns with something you have going on or a message you received. You may also call it a coincidence. For instance, if you were trying to decide if you needed more structure in your life, then you see an ad for a coaching program that's about organizing your day. That is a sign, but it so closely relates to what you were just thinking it's specifically a synchronicity. Synchronous means "of or occurring at the same time". Timing is the key element. The sign is so close to the thought, need, or action that it's a synchronicity.

Here's a real life example. This morning I was driving with the radio off. I've been getting downloads in my car lately. While driving the though comes that I should do a quick video on Spiritual Awakenings not looking obviously "spiritual" when they occur. The example I used was about leaving a job (you can see it on TikTok or IG (@niyahshalom). I was getting ready to post when I saw my god sibling had a TikTok that popped up. I didn't scroll. It was the first one. I smile and notice I have something in my inbox. I look. It's from the same god sibling. It was a video of someone doing a reading about how to leave work. That is a synchronicity.

Following that, I'm driving home and I see maybe 3 car tags with a various of 1111 in their tag number. Again... this is a synchronicity. It's showing I'm in alignment.

Now how did I know that for me personally this is confirmation? Well I am developing a deeper understanding of my own spiritual language. Plus I communicate what sticks out to me so that my spiritual court can "speak" to me through these signs and synchronicities.

How did I learn what signs would speak to me? Well that has come with understanding who I am. This why I say "Self Love is the Foundation of Your Life". If you are falling for someone, one of the first things you do is try to what...get to know the person. The more you learn, in aligned connections anyway, the more you care and love them. You get excited when you learn something new about them. This is what self love does for you as an individual. You start becoming interested in who you are, how you move, what feels good, what resonates with you.

Things that started coming back to the forefront for me were numerology and astrology. I may not like math but I am good at numbers, in that I can remember them and see patterns. Seeing patters is a skill because I am an Aquarius Sun and Mercury. I can see and understand patterns in a way that is different from others. My Sun and Mercury are also in the 8th house (shadows and the occult). Gemini rules my 12th House, my unconscious mind. So the very enigmatic and intelligent sign is my sun (personality and where I am illuminated) and mercury (education, thought, ideas, and communication). Gemini is the sign of communication, ideas, thoughts. It is hanging out in the place in your chart that correlates to your psychic mind. So, signs and synchronicities to me will be really obvious. And I won't see the typical 1111 as 1111 all the time. I see 4747 or 2938 and that is still 1111 for me personally.

I also personally prayed for direct signs. I asked for things like songs or I specifically say, "Give me a sign that I absolutely can't ignore." Generally speaking, it is always something so obvious. I find myself looking up and saying, "Oh now you just showing off." Then I just laugh.

In the last, not even 24 hours yet, perfection has come up multiple times and in different mediums. I'm not sure what I am doing but apparently the timing is divine. I'm ready for it!

Other signs come to me as animals. Like, I swear on the same ride home I saw a white bird on this truck. It wasn't until I got up on it that I saw it was metal that had torn on top and looked like a bird. Still, white birds are very significant to me personally.

I also sometimes smell things. Like I'll get a whiff of something but there isn't a single thing near me that has the same smell. I feel like that's an ancestor that walked by or is close enough to my aura where I smell them.

I could go on and on about my personal signs. However, what are yours? Do you even know? Take some time out to really sit and put together what your spiritual language is. It's a living list so don't think that once you start it can't grow, evolve, and change all together. It's yours. As things align or no longer align, it will change.

If you are not sure where or how to even begin, I can help. Book a pick your brain session and let's talk about your goals and how I can help support you on your journey.

Have a great day. Watch for the signs. They are always all around you.

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