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Reflecting on My Solar Return

I am experiencing a 9 personal year in a 6 universal year. A year of ebb and flow full of release, service, humanitarianism, and intuition.

I love the synchronicity of numbers. It's so cool.

February is an 11 month for me. I'm a life path 11. So I'm pretty geeked for the energy. Then my birthday mathematically is 111 when calculating the beautiful energy of 3 - Creation.

It gets EVEN better. The new moon is on my birthday. (Screams in excitement.) The exact moment of my Solar Return is 30 minute after the moon is officially new and becomes waxing (I was born on a waxing moon).

Why this is cool to me.

I know if this isn't your bag you're like sooooooo.

My new year begins when the moon is new which makes me feel extra NEW NEW.

1 is a line and all these 1s give me a big feeling of being in alignment with my path, my destiny. No curves. No obstacles. My roads are open.

I am in oneness with everything and thus Creation.

I don't work my birthday. I need to make this one super special. I know I am going to read the letter I wrote to myself last year as part of my Solar Return ritual. I haven't opened it sense. It was a letter to me about our growth.

I am so freaking excited. I don't even know what to do with myself.

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