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Happy Kwanzaa! Ujima! Collective Work and Community!

Happy Kwanzaa 2022 Everyone!! If yWou would like to learn more about the holiday, symbolism, and traditions. I would encourage you to check out the Official Kwanzaa Website. It has a lot of great information on there.

Each day of the celebration is colored by a principle. My intention with this series is to consider each theme on a personal level and how I can align to it. How can I tap into that energy purposefully? So I asked a question based on the theme.

What a beautiful way to illustrate this than waking up to 1000 followers on my TikTok in large part due to a push for black women, black people, to follow each other. Just looking at your sister or brother and saying I got you and follow. This follow train has garnered a plethora of emotions from all sides. The energy of it was so potent I dreamt a message and did a divination specifically regarding the "follow train". This is posted on my YouTube channel.

As of late I have been really thinking about my community and the collective. How can I be even more intentional about how I support my community and the offerings I bring to the collective?

It's interesting that I had to realize that though in a broad sense, my services are for the collective as a whole. However, my target audience or the community of focus has been the Black community. Our relationship with our Spiritual self and that understanding is so fractured that it requires a gentle touch and understanding to help those looking for answers.

I also realized that often Black women Niche to Black Women. Black Men niche to Black Men. I support Black people. I support the Black Community. That's it. I realized there really wasn't someone doing spiritual work that framed it that way, so I've been intentional in saying I support Black People.

With that in mind, here are ways that I intend to do more in the collective and creating community:

  • SoulFull Saturday is a collective offering with a community feel. My intention truly has been to build a community that fellowships every other Saturday and eventually do them in person.

  • I have 2 Rites of Passage Events that I am hosting in 2023. One for the Gods and One for the Goddesses. These are group events and I'm specifically targeting the Black Community as far as attendees.

  • Going Live on my various platforms with a sort of cadence so that I can interact even more closely with the broader collective.

  • My site will soon have a group for the subscribers to join and engage in further conversations regarding some of the things they are geting as part of their package.

  • Look at ways to partner with other Black Owned businesses to do more in the community in support of collective healing.

  • More collective healing offerings to support big energy shifts.

  • Being open to healthy personal connections that support my desire for a Personal Community.

How are you building community and doing more in the collective? Comment below.

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