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Happy Kwanzaa! Kujichagulia! Self Determination!

Happy Kwanzaa 2022 Everyone!! If yWou would like to learn more about the holiday, symbolism, and traditions. I would encourage you to check out the Official Kwanzaa Website. It has a lot of great information on there.

Each day of the celebration is colored by a principle. My intention with this series is to consider each theme on a personal level and how I can align to it. How can I tap into that energy purposefully? So I asked a question based on the theme.

How can authenticity support my self determination? Well of course we gotta break down what they mean. Self Determination is first since that is the actual principle.

Self Determination means to determine without outside influence. It can also mean to live or act as one chooses.

Ok so let's look at authenticity. Authentic means to conform to the ORIGINAL as to produce ESSENTIAL features. Not false. Genuine. True to one's own personality spirit or character.

Seems to me like in order to have self determination, you must be comfortable standing in your own authenticity. When you are undiluted but outside influence, what you have is the authentic self. And with it you are able to tap into essential features or, tap into natural gifts and talents.

How does that help you? When you have full access to your Goddess given gifts and talents, you are then able to accomplish the things you desire with ease. Your determination is unthwarted by outside influences because you recognize the breadth of who you are and tap into that energy unblocked. You stand in your light and shine.

You allow yourself to bring into the world the things that only you can create. Oh someone may do something similar, but it is our individual Ase (personal power) that makes it unique to us. So do not be discouraged, be self determined.

Ways that I intend to be Self Determined

  • Trust my intuition and where the Divine is guiding me

  • Remind myself that I know what I know and stop letting imposter syndrome trick me. Post it. Write it. Create it. Love it. When I love it, those that are meant to love it too.

  • Do 1 thing a week that is 100% unapologetically me. Do it for myself. Not for anyone else. Simply just me, holding space, for me.

  • At the end of the day, numbers aren't the goal. It's about energy. The numbers will come. Do what is in alignment to my energy.

How can you be more self determined in your life? Comment below.

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