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About Last Night Part 2 - Ritual and Ceremony

So if you know me really, you know the energy had to be right last night. Prior to anyone showing up I played my ancestor meditation music and shielded the venue. The physical answer of that blessing was so on time and well received.

The Metaphysical MC Ricky Prestige Leverett Jr. really did his thing. Like really. When he and the beautiful Katrenia Turner showed up in all white, I knew they understood the assignment.

Ricky really kept the energy HIGH. #GoodVibes There was a palpable crescendo in everybody's energy as the show progressed which was one of my own intentions.

They already knew it wasn't just a show and he said as much in his intro. This is a ceremony that everyone attended. In that vain it makes sense to me. You can have a group ritual but the energy has to be specific. Everybody can't come.

Last night was a ceremony through and through.

I opened the night spiritually. One of the most powerful things said to me was when my MC said he could see me morphing on stage. I've only had a few people with site say they could see it. I've had plenty say they could feel it. My homegirl said she saw me lifting off too. (That stool was getting ALL THE TAPS LOL)

It was so beautiful though. Watching seeds plant in the hearts of those there at that time. Like you ain't small. YOU ARE BIG. DIVINE.

I'm so glad everyone received that entire segment the way they did because it was very personal to me.

Thank you for being there to not only witness my ascension but your own as well. Ase!

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