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Meet Iya Daniyah

What happens when the little girl that loved witches, comics, video games, and sweets has  spiritual awakening and discovers her inner goddess?

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My Background 

Iya Daniyah, also known under her pen name “Niyah Shalom”, is the founder of Niyah’s Garden of Divine Expansion, LLC. She started growing the garden based on an act of faith. She literally followed her intuition.


Daniyah kept getting the message to share and teach from very early on in her Spiritual Awakening journey. Since then she has started a YouTube channel, launched a Patreon, started a Podcast, and now has her own company.


Daniyah is “practically spiritual”.  She learns different techniques, rituals, and modalities; then makes them her own. This brings an authenticity to her practice and a deeper relationship to the Divine.

As of September 2021, Daniyah was initiated into the traditional African practice of Ifa. Her initiated name is Iya Daniyah Fa Omi Sango. Iyan is Yoruba for mother and is the abbreviation of her title, Iyanifa.


  • Life Purpose Coach

  • Goal Success Coach

  • Happy Life Coach

  • Death Doula

  • Reiki Master

  • Master Life Coach - in progress

  • Bachelors in Metaphysics - in progress


You know what I do well? I help others rediscover the truth of who they are and ground into where they are wanting to go. Whether you book a full coaching or a reading, my intention is for you to walk away feeling a deeper connection to the Divine light within you. 

I use personal story telling to Inspire you, so that you feel Encouraged to go on the journey of self-revelation, while Empowering you with tools and resources needed for you to take inspired action toward your destiny.


Who I Help

People who are at a crossroads in life and need some help with which direction to take.

How I Do It

I do this through mentoring, tips, stories, poems, healing modalities, readings and support.

What's in It for You

Cultivating a deeper relationship with the Divine within you, so that you can use your own inner knowing to help guide you on your path.


Our Core

Always Authentic

I stand in my own authenticity always, so that my clients always feels inspired to stand in theirs.

Practically Spiritual

Support will honor the duality of our nature. Reminding souls they are Divinely Human.

Safe and Sacred

I create sacred spaces where my clients feel safe to share, learn and grow.

Honor and Trust

I will honor the boundaries of everyone I work with. I will ensure the sanctity of our sessions, whatever that may be, is always honored.

Energy is Everything

The energy I bring will always be of the highest possible vibration.

All are Divine

Practices and traditions don't make you Divine. Your existence does.